sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012

Sweet Bia / Docinhos da Bia

Don't know what to give as a gift? Short on money or ideas?
Pick the mobile phone, dial 00351 915273339 and order your brigadier with the option of 15 flavour choices.
This are in my opinion probably the best brigadier cakes in Lisboa.
Beatriz as gift that you can eat in the shape of chocolate.

Eat and smile with this vakes made with love and baked in heaven.


quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

Music 5 / She Wants Revenge

I recently found love for the Indie Rock style through the envolving, sexy and manly goth rock from SWR.
Tuff love indeed but one that Tears you apart.

Download by torrent:

Stefan Janoski

We don't need to be a professional skateboarder to want to wear this sneakers.
Janoski is the third professional in the Nike SB universe.

Available in Lisboa in Waves & Woods in Travessa da Queimada 36


Film du Jour

Who hasn't wondered out in drems to be Tyler Durden? I have. There's something about the obviously handsome and misfit caracter that brings out the raw beautifull hooligan inside every man.

Director David Fincher brings a hole lot more to imsonia and made one of the most memorable films of the late 90's.

Grab a pillow and a soap because you're in for a ride.

Download by torrent: